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Roller Production Technician
Title:Roller Production Technician
This person will set-up and operate press to cut and assemble metal rollers by crimping, shaping, locking, staking, or press fitting rollers used in the manufacture of conveyor equipment.


Essential duties include:

* Installing dies on the machine bed and ram;

* Position and clamp holding fixtures to the machine bed;

* Adjusts set screws to regulate stroke of ram;

* Operate controls to lower ram that bends, clinches or forces parts together;

* Knows how to set up and operate machine to punch, cut, stake, chamfer or deburr parts preparatory to assembly;

* Will learn how to build rollers at a productive rate without compromising the quality;

* Must work well in a team based environment, keeping the department neat, clean and safe.


Expected to have previous experience in a manufacturing environment;

High school education or equiv.

Must be able to effectively communicate and follow detailed instructions;

Must be proficient in using a standard tape or ruler measurements down to 1/32"

Normal work week is Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 2:30 pm.  Occasional overtime may be  available or required.


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